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28 May 2020



26 May 2020

BREXIT – International Trade Preparation Checklist

In order to provide value for FIA members in navigating the uncertainty that Brexit brings, we have developed a 'BREXIT – International Trade Preparation Checklist' document.

The following checklist includes a series of questions that every member should ask themselves, based on a “worst-case” scenario. Each member needs to be able to answer each question to ensure they are properly prepared for trade with the EU from January 1st 2021 onwards. Are you ready, is your company ready for the end of the transition period with EU?

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2 March 2020

BREXIT Update - Change to F-gas certificates

An important update that could change where you are allowed to work.

Post 31/12/2020 (unless there is an agreement to the contrary) the EU will not recognise engineer’s F Gas certificates issued through a UK agency such as the FIA (Fire) and other providers.

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14 October 2019

F-Gas post Brexit – muddy waters or clear sailing

With Brexit looming or not looming depend on what news report you read, what does this mean for UK fire companies with F-Gas certification.

DEFRA the UK government department are taking steps to ensure there is a smooth transition whether there is or isn’t a deal.



13 December 2018

Prepare for a no-deal Brexit

In the event that the UK leaves the EU without a deal on 29 March 2019, HM Revenue & Customs have published a letter to help businesses that trade with the EU.

Two versions of the letter have been published: one for businesses in England, Scotland and Wales and a separate letter for companies based in Northern Ireland.


26 November 2018

BREXIT: The effects on the UK Fire Industry

The UK structure for CE marking and product certification operates within an EU-wide system, and the output from organisations that issue certificates is accepted throughout the EU, and wider.

But what will happen to these organisations when we are no longer in the EU?


24 September 2018

BAFE, BREXIT, and Grenfell: The three things the fire industry worries about and why

Trends within the industry point to uncertainty

BAFE, BREXIT, and Grenfell are three of the things that those in the fire industry are losing sleep over.

Respondents to the FIA’s Market Conditions Survey have expressed their concerns over rising supplier costs and a component shortage, as well as uncertainty surrounding Brexit, initial analysis can reveal.



30 October 2017

FIA Survey reveals the impact of Grenfell Towers and Brexit on fire industry

 ‘Nobody knows how Brexit will affect us,’ commented Ian Moore, CEO of the FIA in his introduction to the report. This may have caused ‘a degree of reticence in investing in growth and instead focusing on consolidating businesses current position. The one exception to this is UK manufacturing who are seeing strong growth based on exchange rates working to their benefit’, he added.


13 November 2017

The Fire Industry and Brexit: What does the future hold?

FIA CEO Ian Moore gives his view on the situation


11 October 2017

What Brexit means for industry standards

The publication explains the global system of standards and BSI’s role in representing the interests of UK stakeholders.  It reflects the feedback we have received from stakeholders, who stressed the importance of retaining the UK’s role and influence within the European standardization system through continued membership of CEN and CENELEC. 

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The Institute of Export has published the results of a comprehensive survey on Brexit which features views from 600 participants across 180 sectors and it shows that while just over half of respondents expect their business to remain the same, almost half expect growth to shrink in the medium term. 42% expect the damage to be prevalent over the longer term and these findings are broadly similar to the brief survey carried out by the FIA in the direct aftermath of the exit vote.


Within the last 6 months there have been a lot of changes in both the political and economic stratosphere: a new Prime Minister, a vote to leave the EU, and a drop in the value of the Pound Sterling.  But how will this affect business?


The security and fire industries are deeply woven into the tapestry of the European construction sectors- Europe is the world’s second largest security market with 23% share worth approximately $6bn (Memoori report: The Physical Security Business 2014 to 2018). Therefore, the effect of the UK’s decision to stay or leave the EU will reverberate around the industries for years to come. Major areas such as harmonised standards, testing, approvals and collaboration may be fundamentally affected by the outcomes of the voting and these areas will be directly addressed at IFSEC and FIREX on the actual day of the referendum itself.


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