Replacement certificates

If you have lost or misplaced your certificate, you can order a replacement one from us. As all our certificates have a unique serial number, the new one we issue will supersede any previous copies. We can only provide the certificate with the original information on it.

Order today

If you would like to order a Replacement Certificate, please email us at [email protected]. Please ensure your enquiry includes the following information:

  • Full Name (as it would have appeared on the certificate)
  • Company you worked for when you took the training
  • Date the course taken or an estimated date when you took the training courses
  • Courses taken

Failure to include the above information may result in a delay finding your training records and reissuing your certificate.

Hard copies of certificates are issued at a charge of £35+VAT. Digital copies are available at £5 per certificate, however not all certificates are available in a digital format.  

For BAFE certificates, you would need to email BAFE at [email protected] to order a replacement, please note that BAFE do charge for their replacements.

Turnaround time on certificates may vary. There is currently a large volume of requests, please bare with us while we work through these.