The Provision of a Portal for EWS-1 Forms

Following the Grenfell tragedy, EWS-1 forms were developed as a means of enabling competent fire experts to assess whether high rise buildings are fire safe in respect of their external cladding and if not, to identify that remedial work needs to be carried out.

The provision of EWS-1 forms has proved successful in creating clear and consistent documentation to support the buying, selling or re-mortgaging of properties in high rise buildings. In consultation with RICS and other stakeholders, the FIA has created a unique portal that provides a central readily-accessible location for these forms.   The site may be found here:

Fire Risk Assessors must first register in order to be able to submit or complete forms online. As part of this process, you must present evidence of applicable professional memberships and qualifications prior to your application being approved.

On your registration being approved, you may submit existing forms or complete new forms on-line, both these options being subject to further checks prior to upload onto the site.

Click below to see the explained application process:

Buyers, sellers, lenders, insurers or those otherwise having an interest in particular properties in high rise buildings will be able to search for buildings by post code, after which any building having this post code will appear with its full postal address. You will then be able to view and download the EWS-1 form free of charge.

The FIA has fully-funding this portal and has employed software specialists to create an effective, efficient and user-friendly web site that has been approved by the RICS Forum.

A rigorous approach is applied to the portal to include manual checks at various stages of the process in order to eliminate as far as possible the current problem of fraudulent EWS-1 forms appearing in the market.

To answer the most frequently asked questions please visit this page:

If you require any further information about the operation of the Portal, please contact [email protected]