02 March 2016

23rd June 2016 is not only the last day of IFSEC and FIREX International for this year, it’s also potentially a pivotal day in the UK’s future relationship with the European Union. The timing couldn’t be more acute for the security and fire industries and as the leading players will all be gathered at IFSEC and FIREX, it’s only appropriate the shows gauge the mood and discuss the key impacts of the IN or OUT votes.

The security and fire industries are deeply woven into the tapestry of the European construction sectors- Europe is the world’s second largest security market with 23% share worth approximately $6bn (Memoori report: The Physical Security Business 2014 to 2018). Therefore the effect of the UK’s decision to stay or leave the EU will reverberate around the industries for years to come. Major areas such as harmonised standards, testing, approvals and collaboration may be fundamentally effected by the outcomes of the voting and these areas will be directly addressed at IFSEC and FIREX on the actual day of the referendum itself.

So on EU Referendum Day, 23rd June, IFSEC and FIREX will host a wide ranging panel debate at London’s Excel in the IFSEC End-User Seminar Theatre alongside leading stakeholder groups such as Euralarm, Loss Prevention Certification Board, European Fire Sprinkler Network, BSIA, FIA and the EAPFP. The debate promises to be energetic and is the perfect way to close the shows with the UK’s membership of the EU actively being decided in real time.

Attendance to this panel debate will be free of charge to all registered IFSEC and FIREX visitors. Register to attend the shows»

IFSEC and FIREX International Event Director Gerry Dunphy says: ‘’In view of the potential outcome  the EU Referendum could have on the security and fire industries, both IFSEC and FIREX welcome the opportunity to provide a platform for stakeholders to assess how the landscape may change should the UK leave the European Union. The shows represent significant opportunities for the security and fire communities to gather in one place to find new products, discover solutions, network and extend their knowledge so we’re making the most of the timing of this unique occasion to address a major national event.’’

Martin Harvey, Head of Regulatory Affairs EMEA Tyco/ADT, Fire Industry Association Chairman and Euralarm states: ‘’We’re very pleased to be able to participate in this debate at our industry’s main trade events. As Euralarm has a direct interest in the promotion of harmonised standards across Europe, the referendum could have a far reaching influence on the future of the European security and fire sectors. It’s a good opportunity as the main protagonists will be there from the industry and market so the debate will be lively and robust as we look at how the UK’s security and fire businesses could potentially be transformed by an EU exit’’.