Membership fees

Our membership year runs 1st April-31st March. If you join partway through the membership year you are charged a pro-rata membership fee.

Members: You can pay your FIA membership fee as a direct debit, spreading the cost over the course of the year. Rather than paying your fees as one lump sum, you can easily spread it out across four annual quarterly payments, and still enjoy all the benefits of being an FIA member! Please email our Finance team on [email protected] for further details.

The cost to become a member is based on your company's fire protection related annual turnover.

Category Turnover Membership band Annual fee
FULL £50M+ A £10,000
£20M-£50M B £6,000
£10M-£20M C1 £3,500
£5M-£10M C2 £3,150
£3M-£5M C3 £2,800
£2M-£3M D1 £2,200
£1M-£2M D2 £1,600
£500K-£1M E1 £850
£350K-£500K E2 £650
£200K-£350K E3 £500
£0-£200K F £200
AFFILIATE - - £750
OVERSEAS - - £1,250