Membership fees

The cost to become a member is based on your company's fire protection related annual turnover.

Category Turnover Membership band Annual fee
FULL £50M+ A £10,000
£20M-£50M B £6,000
£10M-£20M C1 £3,500
£5M-£10M C2 £3,150
£3M-£5M C3 £2,800
£2M-£3M D1 £2,200
£1M-£2M D2 £1,600
£500K-£1M E1 £850
£350K-£500K E2 £650
£200K-£350K E3 £500
£0-£200K F £200
AFFILIATE - - £750
OVERSEAS - - £1,250

Our membership year runs 1st April-31st March. If you join partway through the membership year you're charged a pro-rata membership fee.