Latest COVID-19 Update specific to the Fire Industry

As the situation is rapidly changing, we endeavour to notify all of our members and customers about the latest COVID-19 updates and news that affects the fire industry. From news on key worker status to furloughed workers to the latest government update.

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FIA introduces online exams for its qualifications

From June 1st the FIA will be providing online examinations to give fire professionals more choice on how they wish to sit their exams for their qualifications. We hope this enables fire professionals from around the country, and the world, to complete our industry-recognised qualifications.

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FIA launches Member Referral Scheme 

Many of those joining have been recommendations by “word of mouth” from existing members; as such we have launched our  Member Referral Scheme. Put simply, when a current member refers a non-member to join the FIA, the referring company will receive £50 off next year’s membership fee.



Our work towards a better, safer and more competent industry

We have collated all of the work that we are doing for the fire industry that you may not know about. Ranging from Brexit to COVID-19 to our continued work with the government, we will keep this page updated moving forward.

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Latest Grenfell & Hackitt Report Update

Here you will be able to see how the FIA has been involved with increasing fire safety and being a positive voice for the fire industry. We endeavour to keep you informed about the latest updates and developments around Grenfell Tower Fire and Hackitt Report.


Latest Brexit and the Fire Industry update

We will leverage our great relationships with decision-making organisations to ensure we are amongst the first to hear the important changes that will affect you. From the latest Brexit news, headlines and analysis during the ongoing withdrawal negotiations between the UK and EU that may impact the fire industry.

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