This page includes all the information you need to know about our Internet of Things Forum. It explains our goals, structure, current actions and how you can join.

We are proud to announce the FIA and BSI have partnered to bring a real tangible benefit to FIA Members who are working with IoT products and services. FIA Members will be able to obtain a 10% reduction of all pre certification fees related to Kitemark certification for BSI's Internet of things devices Kitemark.

The BSI Kitemark has been developed in response to the growth of internet connected products, and is designed to help consumers confidently and easily identify the IoT devices they can trust to be safe, secure and functional.


Case Studies

Take a look at these Case Studies to discover why FireAngel and Ei Electronics chose the BSI Kitemark for fire safety and IoT, as well as how it has impacted their businesses.



As in most industries, the Internet of Things (IoT) has the potential to offer real growth and development, as well as the potential of market disruption. This is perhaps more significant in the fire industry, which has been historically well protected by regulatory barriers. Often those barriers are essential, they help save lives; sometimes they are problematic and can stifle innovation; sometimes they don’t fit with what is happening in the market, and sometimes they may give a false sense of security.

In terms of the IoT, all are relevant, and IoT development is further complicated as often it crosses the whole spectrum of the industry, many stakeholder groups, technologies, standards and regulations, some of which have never been relevant previously, or may not exist. The driver for the creation of the IoT Forum was the need to develop a position on IoT for the future of both UK fire safety and ‘UK Fire Safety Plc’.


The IoT Forum will enable and foster a shared, productive and necessary dialogue around the Internet of Things (IoT) in the fire industry.

The Forum will help its members share and create best practice, and help remove barriers to the development and use of IoT products and services in the UK fire safety sector. Our aim is that IoT products and services both maintain exceptional fire safety, and that the UK fire safety industry retains a leadership position in this domain.


IoT Forum – open to any FIA member company

  • Discussion of issues and opportunities both within the Forum and externally with standards and approval bodies, other membership associations, additional stakeholders and Government
  • Sharing of experiences, successes and issues
  • Promoting new innovations, best practice and successes, via the FIA’s marketing function and (where agreed) with the wider industry
  • Commissioning of Task Groups to address specific issues in depth

IoT Forum Task Groups

Structured, voluntary teams from across the IoT Forum, responsible for developing and delivering specific objectives, such as best practice documents on specific issues. Task Groups are currently looking at:

  • Alarm Receiving Centres -> Using the Internet to Call the Fire and Rescue Service – a user guide
  • Cybersecurity -> Title to be decided
  • Digital Records-> The role and operational considerations of digital logbooks in modern compliance

IoT Council Liaison

The Forum will ensure the whole of the industry and FIA membership is involved in the IoT debate. Council liaisons ensure that the IoT is covered in every FIA council meeting; that communication of issues and opportunities is two-way; and that consideration of IoT issues is part of regular business, especially for councils that may be less active in the space. The IoT Forum is currently represented on the following FIA Councils:

  • FD&A
  • Services
  • Fire Risk Assessment
  • Export
  • FRES

 IoT related work within the FIA




Work item


Objective 1


Guidance on IP connectivity and remote services


Objective 2


Guidance on connection to an ARC, including multipath signalling


Objective 5


Guidance on PSTN phase-out/issues for next-generation networks


Objective 35


Guidance on the new standard: 'Guidance for the provision of Alarm Transmission Systems (ATS) for Alarm Systems in the UK'


Objective 37


Detector self-test guidance




FAQ on the testing of multi-criteria detectors




New section of BS 5839-1 on remote services



 Euralarm – TC HC

Monitoring EU legislation related to Cyber/IoT etc

IoT Forum


Passed to FDWG03

Guidance on FAMS (Fire Alarm Management Systems)

IoT Forum



‘Using the Internet to Call the Fire and Rescue Service – a user guide’

IoT Forum


Cyber Security TG

Cyber security risks specific to Life Safety Systems

IoT Forum


Digital Logbook TG

The Requirements and Management of Digital Fire Records

How to join:

The FIA IoT Forum provides a great opportunity for FIA members to work with other members under the banner of the FIA as the industry-leading voice to enable the fire industry and the customers we serve to benefit from IoT.

If you are eager to join or just want to know more, please contact our Technical Team ([email protected]


Our partnership with BSI on the Internet of Things:

BSI, the business improvement and standards company, are to take a seat on the Fire Industry Association’s (FIA) Forum to facilitate knowledge sharing and improve fire safety in the UK. The FIA’s Internet of Things (IoT) Forum will facilitate the exchange of industry knowledge and remove barriers to the development and adoption of IoT products and services in the fire safety sector. 

Alongside FIA Forum members BSI experts will work to improve fire safety provisions across the UK by promoting new innovations and sharing best practice knowledge and experience.

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The BSI Fire Safety and IoT Masters'Academy (in association with the FIA)

Sign up today to the BSI Fire Safety and IoT Masters Academy where you’ll learn how to lock in trust and unlock new markets, whether you’re developing, testing or launching your fire safety product into the market.

Read the full agenda 

Resources from BSI

The Internet of Things: Grasping opportunity, managing risk

A whitepaper that explores what the Internet of Things is, the opportunities and the threats that we must consider. 

Download Here / Webinar Replay

The Internet of Things: get serious about security

A whitepaper that looks into security threat posed by the IoT which is real, dangerous and increasing. 

Download Here / Webinar Replay

Creating market trust in your safety products

In a crowded and competitive market it is essential to differentiate, build trust and confidence in your products and be quick to existing and new markets.

Download Here

BSI Internet of Things: Testing, verification and certification solutions for a smarter, more secure world

A brochure that explains how BSI's three different types of BSI Kitemark for IoT Devices can help companies.

Download Here


Helpful Resources:

Guidance Note - Fire Alarm Management Systems (FAMS)                                                                                            
An online tool which helps organisations find out how resilient they are to cyber-attacks and practice their response in a safe environment.

BSIA Installation of safety and security systems Cybersecurity code of practice

BSIA Manufacturers of safety and security systems Cybersecurity code of practice

BSIA Cybersecurity Registration Scheme for Manufacturers Infomation 

ETSI EN 303 645 - Cyber Security for Consumer Internet of Things: Baseline Requirements

Categorising Internet of Things standards, directives etc 

FIA's 2020 IoT Report 

FIA IoT Report Infographic

A History of IoT

All you need to about the FIA's Councils and Working Groups

Presentation Package 

A Video from BSI Showing a Security Camera Being Hacked

A Video from BSI showing a Smoke Alarm Being Hacked 

Presentations given at the Forum:

BS EN ISO 27001: Overview of the requirements for establishing, implementing, maintaining and continually improving an information security management system

Connected and Fair - Ethical IoT for Social Housing - Aico 

Fire Suppression Designed for Life Safety - Plumis

Cloud-Based Fire Alarm Management - Firemate

IoT Development:  Experience of building, running, and developing an IoT Platform in the safety sector - FireAngel

Digital Records and Fire IoT - Tio

SafeShark Update for FIA - DTG Testing and Connect Devices

The future of cybersecurity for the fire industry - METCLOUD

Digital and Connected Products, IoT and Fire Industry – BSI