Services Council

The FIA Services Council represents the companies which design, install, commission and maintain fire detection and alarm systems and fire extinguishing products and systems.

The Council’s key role is to present the collective views of this sector of the industry, including negotiation and discussion with government and other external bodies.

It is made up of 15 elected members representing small, medium and larger FIA member companies:

  • Chair - Guy Middleton, Chubb Fire & Security Ltd
  • Secretary - Robert Thilthorpe, Fire Industry Association Ltd
  • Member - Roger Agate, KBO Fire & Security
  • Member - Pete Davies, Fireco Ltd
  • Member - Paul Daykin, MK Fire Ltd
  • Member - Oliver Doerle, No Climb Products Ltd
  • Member - Paul Duffey, Advanced Electronics Ltd
  • Member - Jim Eccles, Monument Fire Detection Systems Ltd
  • Member - Alex Goodwin, Anderstore Ltd
  • Member - Jason Hill, Cogniscion Ltd (Tio Fire Safety)
  • Member - Ray Hope, RayFire Services Ltd
  • Member - David Murfitt, Churches Fire Security Ltd
  • Member - Paul Pope, Global Fire Equipment
  • Member - Robert Read, Hyfire Wireless Fire Solutions Ltd
  • Member - Deane Sales, Amthal Fire & Security Limited
  • Member - Darren Sweeney, Johnson Controls T/A ADT Fire & Security UK & Ireland

As well as representing members’ interests, the Council monitors and influences the development of relevant standards, legislation and regulations. It also commissions research.

In addition, it provides guidance for product­-related marketing, communications and training issues.