FIRESA Council

The Fire and Rescue Suppliers [FIRESA] Council represents the manufacturers and suppliers of goods and services to the Fire and Rescue sector including appliances, personal protective equipment and associated ground fire fighting equipment.

The Council’s key role is to present the collective views of this sector of the industry, including negotiation and discussion with government and other external bodies. It links suppliers with Fire and Rescue practitioners and other stakeholders. FIRESA Council acts as a strong and consistent industry voice and a key influencer in the decisions that affect the industry.

The Council has significant recognition from key bodies, including the Chief Fire Officers Association [CFOA] and DCLG, and is a member of the Fire Sector Federation. We work closely with CFOA with whom we have signed a Memorandum of Understanding.

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The Council comprises 11 elected members headed by Chairman Derek Gotts and Vice-Chairman Ian Callaghan:

  • Chair - Derek Gotts, Supply Plus Ltd
  • Member - Richard Ballheimer, Ballyclare Limited
  • Member - Andy Barber, Antares TDC
  • Member - Ian Callaghan, PBI Performance Products Inc
  • Member - Paul Fuller
  • Member - Mark Healey, Red One Limited
  • Member - James Jones, Vimpex Ltd
  • Member - Suzanne Prince, W L Gore & Associates
  • Member - Colin Robinson
  • Member - Andy Roe, Godiva Ltd
  • Member - Philip Tasker, Bristol Uniforms Ltd
  • Member - Lesley Wardle, Primetech (UK) Ltd
  • Staff member - David Smith, Fire Industry Association Ltd

 We welcome guests to Council meetings that may have an interest in joining the Association. For this and any other enquiries contact the Secretary Dave Smith.

Key Objectives 2015-16

  • To deliver networking opportunities for our fire-fighting suppply members both internally within the Association and externally with key decision makers
  • To provide early knowledge of issues affecting the Fire and Rescue supply sector and to influence the decisions shaping the sector
  • To work closely with CFOA and its constituent bodies to both influence that organisation and provide opportunities of mutual benefit
  • To liaise with government, its agencies and other key stakeholders to influence the future of the Fire and Rescue Service and its supply market