Online Training

Here is all our online training information in one place

FIA introduces online training

This article includes a short introduction to our online training, what courses are available and how to book onto an online training course


FIA introduces online examinations

This article includes a short introduction to our online exams, a list of the courses available for exams and testimonies from fire professionals


How to take an FIA online exam

This article includes the must-haves to take an online exam, how they work and the rules whilst taking an exam


Furloughed workers can take training & exams

This article makes sense of the laws around furloughed workers undertaking training


How online training saves you money & more

This article takes an in-depth look at how much money a delegate can save through taking an online session as opposed to a classroom-based session

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Online training video

This video covers the courses we offer, a walkthrough of the joining instructions and a brief look at what one of our industry-leading training courses looks like.

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FIA plans for classroom-based learning

This article sets out our plans for the future of FIA training for the following months

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How safe is our online training?

This article looks at what we have done to protect our delegates whilst they are taking our online training 


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