Here is everything you need to know about how to take an FIA online exam.

03 June 2020

Must-haves to take an online exam.

  1. Access to a Laptop or PC 
  2. Webcam
  3. Chrome Browser - If you do not already have it you can download it from here

How do our online exams work?

  1. Book your online exam here - Please note while it says resit for those who have taken training online this is the correct link
  2. Enter your full name and ULN number
  3. Several hours before the exam, the delegates will receive an email to join a Zoom meeting at a specified time, allowing the delegate to be invigilated (Zoom Link)
  4. The email also includes a link which must be opened in Chrome to take the exam (Chrome Link)
  5. The delegate must open the Chrome Link then they must use the Zoom Link
  6. The FIA invigilators will allow the delegates entry into the Zoom meeting 
  7. The FIA invigilators will explain how the exam will work and answer any questions
  8. The FIA invigilators will share the login and password details with delegates allowing them to take the exam
  9. The Exam begins

Requirements and Rules!

  1. Most exams are closed-book exams and no reference material is allowed to be accessed during it - The exception is the Fundamentals in FD&A exam where you will require a copy of BS 5839-1 to take part
  2. Delegates will be required to show ID prior to an exam
  3. Each delegate will be required to use a camera/webcam to allow the invigilators to watch you take the exam
  4. A web camera is required to take part and will need to be able to be used to show the area where the exam is taking place
  5. If the connection is lost to a delegate, reconnection needs to be achieved as quickly as possible (support telephone numbers will be available).
  6. If lost connection accounts for more than 10 minutes of any exam then it will be deemed a failure and need to be retaken
  7. All exam sessions will be recorded so the exam sessions can be reviewed
  8. You are allowed a calculator and one blank bit of paper to use during the exam for any working out you need to do. This would need to be shown prior to the exam
  9. If at any time a delegate is seen to deviate from any of the above or is deemed to be “cheating” in relation to the exam, they will be given two warnings by the invigilator; should the delegate deviate in the same manner again, it will be considered as a failed exam.

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