05 April 2016 by FIA Team, FIA Team

‘I already did this… but I don’t think I remember it…’
‘I already know how it works, but I’m not what you’d call an expert…’
‘I can’t just carry on as I am - I need help!’

Keeping yourself up-to-date and keeping things as fresh as the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (remember that?) is vitally important in order to stay top of your game.  


man drawer

Hmm, it’s trickier than it sounds though.  You’re going to need to go back over a few key bits of info before you can be confident at what you do remember.  My guess is you buried your old notes on servicing and maintaining portable fire extinguishers some time ago in some old notebook that now lives in your miscellaneous ‘man drawer’, which contains mismatching socks, a screwdriver, and some old batteries that may or may not work anymore, plus an old TV remote from a television set you threw out in 1999.

Training is just one of those things that you have to keep on revisiting.  You can’t just tick it off your list and go ‘Yep, done.’  Because the moment you mentally tick it off as done, your brain will mark it as ‘finished’ and therefore no longer valid.  You don’t think about it anymore.  

Except you really should.  Else all you’ll remember about fire extinguishers is ‘they squirt water’… well, perhaps a bit more than that!


it's a glowing brain

If you can remember everything there is to know about fire extinguishers we’d be impressed.  If you even happen to know about the latest legislation (you know, laws and policies and stuff) then we’ll even give you a little gold medal and a round of applause (okay… maybe not the medal).  But nonetheless you’d be the champion of all things fire extinguisher related.

But then again, it’s unlikely that you’d be the heavyweight champion of anything without a bit of training first.  And sometimes a little catch-up can be handy.  It’s good to sit down and cover old ground once again.  Besides, for best practice you really should refresh yourself every 3 years.  Which is why we designed our refresher course around your needs.  The aim of the game is to get you up-to-date with any developments and changes over the last few years and to answer any burning questions you might have.  We really do build it with you in mind.


Our refresher course is a game of two halves.  First we figure out what your needs are and the gaps in your knowledge using our magical powers and clever learning assessments.  The second half simply zaps everything you need to know straight into your brain faster than you can say ‘portable fire extinguisher’ (how fast can you say that anyway?).

So take our refresher course on Servicing and Maintaining Fire Extinguishers.  With course dates throughout the year and ranging across the UK from Birmingham to Belfast and everywhere else above, below, and in-between (including our lovely HQ in Hampton, Middlesex), you’ll find a place and date just for you.  YAY!  Now get booking, you lover of all things fire!