As we reflect on a year of significant progress, made possible by our dedicated members. We invite FIA Members to share your feedback to help us continue improving fire safety standards and services.

Over the past year, the FIA has made significant progress in advancing fire safety and professional development. Our efforts to improve and support the industry have resulted in several key achievements, all made possible through the dedication and engagement of our members.

Key Achievements:

  • Expansion of Training and Certification: We have delivered over 1200 FIA training qualifications. These professionals have equipped themselves with essential skills and knowledge, helping to elevate fire safety standards across the industry.
  • Growth in Membership: Our community has grown by 13% this year, reflecting the collective value and trust that our members place in the FIA. This increase underscores the importance of our shared goal to enhance fire safety and professional development.
  • Publication of Technical Resources: With the input and expertise of our members, we published over 20 free industry-leading technical resources. These publications provide vital guidance on best practices, regulatory compliance, and technological advancements, helping all of us stay informed and effective in our roles.
  • Establishment of the FIA Northwich Centre of Excellence: The support and engagement of our members were crucial in opening the FIA Northwich Centre of Excellence. This state-of-the-art facility provides a dedicated space for hands-on training and development, furthering our mission to provide high-quality education.
  • Social Media Milestone: Our LinkedIn community has grown to over 45,000 followers, with the active participation and sharing by our members. This online presence allows us to disseminate important updates, insights, and best practices more widely.
  • Record-Breaking AGM: Our largest-ever Annual General Meeting (AGM) brought together over 500 member companies. This event facilitated valuable networking and discussions on the latest industry trends and challenges,
  • Launch of FIA Cyprus: The successful launch of FIA Cyprus, our first international branch, was driven by the enthusiasm and support of our members. This expansion allows us to promote fire safety standards and professional development on a global scale.

These achievements highlight our ongoing efforts to enhance fire safety and support the professional growth of our members. However, we know that continuous improvement is essential. We value your insights and experiences, which are crucial in helping us understand what we are doing well and where we can improve.

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