FIA transitions to remote learning

In line with the latest Government instruction to close all educational settings due to the current Coronavirus pandemic, the FIA will be changing the way we deliver our courses, exams and CPD.

From Monday 23rd March we will be moving to deliver our industry-leading training to an online platform allowing students to learn from the comfort and safety of their home during this period of enforced self-isolation. It will be delivered live by our professional instructors with the opportunity to interact through a variety of methods.

Our aim is to provide continuity of supply throughout these difficult times, and as a side benefit, fully utilise your staff’s time while working from home to learn new skills that our industry desperately needs. The requirements post Hackitt report and all the subsequent Competency Steering Group all indicate Level 3 qualifications as a minimum to work in fire safety – so they will be well prepared with the knowledge and qualifications needed for future projects.

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The FIA’s first online CPD day proves to be a huge success

During our online CPD presentations, delegates can interact and engage with both the trainers in a really brought to life session.

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FIA Response to COVID-19

Here at the FIA, we have made several adjustments to help our members and the industry in any way we can to mitigate the impacts of Coronavirus.

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Why remote learning is helping employees and employers mitigate the impacts of Coronavirus?

The ability to learn whilst you are self-isolating allows you to start working towards qualifications to show your competency. Here are the reasons why you should be enrolling in remote learning classes.

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Mythbusters - Remote Training

For some, change can be daunting. Especially when you are changing a tradition that has been around for hundreds of years. Nonetheless, here is our attempt at dispelling some of the myths surrounding remote learning


Latest Grenfell & Hackitt Report Update

We endeavor to keep you informed about latest updates and developments around Grenfell Tower Fire and Hackitt Report. Here you will be able to see how the FIA has been involved with increasing fire safety and being a positive voice for the fire industry.


FIA re-instates advertising in its publications

Put simply, there is no better time to tell your company’s story and there is no better place to promote your products and services than through the FIA.

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