BAFE has issued guidance to their invigilators to enable the safe return to invigilating exams allowing the Servicing and Maintenance of Portable Fire Extinguishers course to resume

06 July 2020

BAFE is expecting that we will be able to re-commence exams w/c 13th July 2020.

Most areas of the UK will be covered however at this time we are unable to provide exams to Northern Ireland. Coverage for the South East will be limited due to availability of invigilators but trainers are requested to check with the BAFE office prior to booking.

It is expected that each venue and training organization will have strict measures in place to ensure the safety of themselves, candidates and invigilators. Our invigilators have been advised that if they feel uncomfortable with the arrangements they will not be expected to continue with the exam.

Guidance for the theory examination

  • Arrive at the examination location promptly and be aware that there may not be any refreshments available at the venue.  
  • The room for the theory exam will be set out observing at least a 1-2 metre distance between desks and allowing a safe distance for invigilators to walk between. Wipes should be used to ensure that the desks are clean before the exam begins.    
  • Candidates attending the examinations should bring their own: 
  • A pen or other writing instruments  
  • Calculator, not a mobile phone or connected device (BAFE cannot supply at this time)  
  • The tools and instruments normally carried when on a servicing visit i.e. adjustable spanner, rubber mallet, small torch and weighing scales
  • Overalls and necessary protective footwear for use during the practical test.
  • Hand Gel 
  • Face Covering  
  • Other PPE to make you feel safe 

Guidance for the practical examination 

The procedure as follows: 

  •  1 candidate per assessor  
  • Up to 4 extinguishers to be serviced.  The Invigilator will explain the order in which the extinguishers are to be serviced and that points are awarded for explaining the servicing procedure.  Make sure that you can remain 2 metres apart and that you and the invigilator are wearing a face-covering
  • Checking of syphon tubes will need to be described and not demonstrated
  • The time allowed for practical assessment is no longer than 30 minutes per Candidate.
  • The Practical examiner will write a brief appraisal of each candidate’s performance during the practical assessment.


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