The Fire Industry Association (FIA) highlights the new updates to the BS 5306-8 standard, enhancing fire extinguisher guidelines for improved safety and sustainability. Read on to download a PPT to guide you on the principal changes that have been introduced.

08 January 2024 by Robert Thilthorpe, FIA Technical Manager

There has been a significant update to the British Standard BS 5306-8: 2023, for the selection and installation of fire extinguishers. This revision updates the requirements aligning with current best practice.

The new standard has greatly expanded the commentary in clause 4, on different extinguishing media - their firefighting properties.  This guidance clarifies the use of powder extinguishers indoors and gives a better balanced approach to selecting extinguishing media aiding users in making more informed decisions.

An innovative aspect of BS 5306-8: 2023 is its emphasis on collaboration between responsible persons and service providers. This ensures that specifications for fire extinguishers are not just compliant but tailored to the specific needs of different settings.

The update includes a warning about the use of water-based extinguishers on fires involving electrical equipment and new guidelines for handling fires involving batteries, with a focus on lithium-ion batteries in small mobile devices, acknowledging their growing use. Additionally, it updates the guidance on the number of A rated extinguishers in small premises; Areas under 50m2 need only have one, however, above 50m2 the requirement is still a minimum of two.

Find attached a PPT  to guide you on the principal changes by the 2023 version of BS 5306-8.

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