08 May 2012 by ,

Being a somewhat squeamish man with a low pain threshold, who suffers from a hurty knee, I usually won’t watch any of the medical explicitly bloody stuff on TV. You know the ones; Silent Morgue, Hobbly City, and Emergency Ward 69, showing my age, I know, with the last one!

Indeed, I won’t ever read another Patricia Cornwell Scarpetta novel bearing in mind the last one I perused laying on the beach was so gory that I went into the sea in search of the shark from Peter Benchley’s Jaws for some respite.

However, I’m now reconsidering my position on this matter and have commenced a course of treatment starting with watching the Arkansas Scissor Tea Party with the ultimate aim of getting to the Texas Chainsaw Massacre by the year 2020 – assuming my eyesight remains good enough for this vision related year.

So what has caused this? Well, it’s the excellent video from the FireKills people at the Department for Communities and Local Government, if you haven’t seen it then look here.

I particularly like the use of the older man for the main part as trying to find gainful employment after a certain age is a problem for us near ‘wrinklies’ - I know - I work for a trade association!

The video rams home the need for smoke alarms and that they should be tested frequently, indeed I’ll be pulling my finger out to test the smoke alarms in the Ellicott household when I return home this evening - hurty knee or not - I’ll do it!

These excellent people at FireKills need all of our support so spread the word, circulate the video, go out and raise money for their next one – well perhaps that’s what our taxes are for…

I actually haven’t managed to watch the video yet (hurty knee syndrome) but have read the thoughtfully provided transcript and looked at some stills from it. I’m hoping to fit it into my course of treatment just before Romero’s ‘Day of the Dead’ but before Deodato’s ‘Cannibal Holocaust’ so say around 2018.

Joking aside, watch the video and support the FireKills campaign – you never know it may even save your life…