CEO Ian Moore to present survey findings

15 May 2018 by Ian Moore, CEO

On Thursday 31st May there will be a webinar discussing the findings of our latest survey, presented by FIA CEO Ian Moore.

This webinar looks at the current state of the industry and the recruitment problems that the industry is currently facing.

The survey’s main aim was to discover which sectors within the industry were facing the biggest skills gap, and if this was specific to certain job roles or whether this was a regional problem.  

Ian Moore, CEO of the Fire Industry Association will discuss:

  • Learn how employees join the industry and where they discover job roles.
  • Where applicants aged 16-25 fit in the current skills gap.
  • How young people could be attracted into the industry to plug the gaps in recruitment.
  • Which sector faces the biggest skills crisis.
  • How many companies are currently searching for young people to hire.
  • And what solutions there are for companies facing a skills deficit.

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