New member numbers rapidly increasing month-on-month

Month-on-month reports show that membership numbers are rapidly increasing in light of the release of the new qualifications.  And that can only be a good thing.

Just over 10 years ago, when the FIA was formed from a merger of two trade associations, membership numbers were around the 200 mark. This grew steadily over the years until we hit a steady 650 members a year or two ago.  However, since the new qualifications in fire detection and alarm systems have been released, that growth has just kept on going.  Last month saw the biggest number of members join in one month ever, so now we have 792 members, and growing.

I expect we’ll be at 800 members in no time!

Membership has a lot of benefits, and is worth considering if you haven’t already. Members save almost 40% on our qualification and training courses compared to non-members, plus discounts on British Standards. Membership also opens up the members-only area of the website with access to exclusive content on our website, and you also get a listing on our site under the ‘Find a Member’ area, which we actively promote to end users and businesses looking for fire protection services.

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Not everyone can automatically be a member of the FIA: we have strict membership criteria that need to be met before you are allowed to join. Thankfully, we can give you all the support you need to gain the Third Party Certification that you require in order to join: our Route to Certification package, where we guide you through the steps of gaining compliance.

Our Compliance Manager Kevin Stearns will be doing a seminar at FIREX all about membership, the Route to Certification, and how to obtain the certification necessary to become an FIA member to unlock all those great member benefits.


Image: FIA Compliance Manager Kevin Stearns can help you gain third party certification
Compliance Manager Kevin Stearns can help
you gain Third Party Certification and gain
membership to the FIA, unlocking a range
of benefits for you and your company

Third Party Certification - What’s in it for me? 


3.50-4.20pm – Expertise and Guidance Theatre


  • Brief explanation/intro of TPC and the 2 main schemes and how they work 
  • The main requirements of the BAFE modular scheme (as its most popular) and the main BAFE schemes, 101, 203, 205 etc. 
  • Evidence of BAFE compliant works and non BAFE compliant (photos of workmanship etc.) 
  • Anecdotal evidence of companies being asked for BAFE by public bodies, businesses etc. 
  • Why companies should get BAFE certification and the rewards if they do (quality of work, contracts etc.)   
  • How the FIA can help 


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