Interview with two candidates 

13 July 2018 by FIA Team, FIA Team

Two technicians taking the new FIA Qualification Pathway were awarded the very first Level 3 qualifications in Fire Detection and Alarm Installation, Theory, and Regulatory Requirements earlier this month following the beta test of the course.

In order to gain the qualification, learners must achieve a pass in four units – 3 core units, and one specialist advanced unit.

Aleksander Chilingrov and Carl Baxter, who achieved the qualification, spoke to us about their views of one of the advanced specialist units, the Advanced Installer course, and of the qualification as a whole.


Interviewer: What did you think of the course?

Aleksander: It was very good.
Carl:  Yeah, I liked this course.  This one builds upon the knowledge of the Foundation [Course].


Interviewer: You had to do the Foundation Course before you could do the Install course. How did the Foundation Course help?

Aleksander: A lot of the Install course was linked back to the Foundation, but there were a lot of new areas too.
Carl:  The Installer course was a good refresher [of the Foundation Course], and I liked it because it added on to what I learnt in Foundation.


Interviewer: Thinking about what you’ve learnt, how do you think this will help with your jobs?

Aleksander: It’s very relevant to my role.
Carl: Me too.  There are things on the course that I’ve never done before, but it will be useful in the future.

Interviewer: Carl, you seem very sure that you will use what you’ve learnt in the future.

Carl:  Well, yeah, because I did the Foundation Course back in January, and there’s already things that I’ve applied to my role.  The Installer Course was very good.

The Advanced Installer Course is available to book now to those that have taken and passed the Foundation unit.  Courses are available at wide range of dates and locations across the UK.

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