BAFE SP101:2017 Fire extinguisher scheme document now available to view

03 July 2017

BAFE have released the documentation for the revision of their fire extinguisher maintenance/service scheme (SP101), this is now available via the BAFE website (

In April 2016, after a lengthy consultation period, BAFE launched the review of their fire extinguisher maintenance (SP101/ST104) scheme with the creation of a scheme revision group (SRG), chaired by Dave Russell. Over the last year, including a public consultation, changes have been made to update, enhance and strengthen the scheme.

The revised SP101 scheme continues to provide the best assurances to the industry and their customers of what defines a quality provider of fire extinguisher services in today’s market and also updates and strengthens the role of the fire extinguisher technician. A BAFE registered fire extinguisher technician has always been the defining way of acknowledging that a competent person is working on your premises. This has now this has been enhanced further by including additional technical competence to the revised sections of BS 5306 (Fire extinguishing installations and equipment on premises) as well as requirements for having training in asbestos awareness and health and safety procedures. The technician competency portfolio used by the BAFE Assessors has also been reviewed, ensuring all technicians who gain the esteemed BAFE Diploma continue to be the best in the industry. So passing the BS 5306 exam, is only the first step in demonstrating understanding of the relevant standards to work competently in the field.

The scheme now also offers a dual route option. When the revised scheme goes live 1st October 2017, organisations can gain third party certification via an ISO9001 or a Management System route. Both routes use the same audit criteria for fire extinguisher competencies however, offering peace of mind to people specifying a certified, competent provider that a BAFE registered company with proficient technicians is an assured quality decision.