Press release

06 July 2015

With STI’s Euro Stopper® there is no longer the requirement to search for the torch in the event of a power failure where the manual call point needs to be located in an emergency. It illuminates in the dark creating a radiant glow around the MCP making it easier to locate in dark areas.

The Euro Stopper frame is imbedded with a unique substance that glows in the dark. The Glow Guide pigment will release light for up to 8 hours in darkness or dimly lit areas and charges up after only 30 minutes exposure to natural or artificial light.

The Glow Guide is not the only new feature to the Euro Stopper – the polycarbonate call point protector is now supplied in a kit form, allowing the user to assemble the product in the way which best suits their application, with the choice of red or green housing shell, language, mounting option, sounder and breakseal facility. 
The Euro Stopper with Glow Guide is the first of its kind and is essential for use in emergency situations.