Why are false alarms a problem?

They cost you money; disrupt your business; risk lives; and are a drain on valuable resources. Here are a few reasons why you should be minimizing them on your premises.

Cost to You

  • Down time from evacuations
  • Disruption to production
  • Annoyed customers
  • Fire service charge for attending

Cost to Your Reputation

  • Image of complacency about life safety
  • Loss of confidence from staff and the fire service
  • Risk of prosecution/charge

Cost to Fire & Rescue Service

  •     Manpower
  •     Time wasted
  •     Taking effort away from possible real fires

Read our leaflet for more reasons why.

A question you need to also ask is: Will the fire & rescue service come? If in doubt confirm their attendance policy with them to make sure that it hasn’t changed

Don’t cut out false alarms for us; do it for yourself and for your business. It will save you MONEY!