What is a false alarm?

When your fire alarm system is activated two things happen:

  •     A visual/audible alarm goes off warning occupants
  •     A signal is sent to the fire and rescue service

A false alarm is… when there isn’t actually a real fire but the alarm goes off.

There can be lots of reasons, other than a real fire, why the alarm goes off:

  •     Cooking fumes (e.g. burnt toast)
  •     Steam (e.g. shower rooms, industrial processes)
  •     Smoking materials (e.g. cigarettes, matches, candles and incense)
  •     Aerosol sprays
  •     Hotwork from cutting and welding
  •     Dust build up (poor housekeeping, lack of preventative measures for dusty work such as drilling)
  •     Humidity and temperature change
  •     Accidental or malicious damage to a ‘Break Glass’ point
  •     Testing or maintenance – without having/following process to manage this