Pre-Learning and Exam Preparation

The course trainer will cover the course syllabus and talk about each topic, but there is still a proportion of self-study involved with Qualifications that delegates need to undertake in order to learn all of the information required for the exams.

Give yourself plenty of time for studying the pre-learning material listed below and enrol onto the course well in advance.  The exams will not simply be a case of using common sense to answer the questions; they require detailed answers to specific questions which is why revision and exam technique is so important.

Here is a short video which explain how to tackle multiple choice exam questions»
The video only relates to the Foundation & the Advance course exam.

The video below will help you prepare for the FD&A Qualifications Exam Unit 1&2.

BS5839-1 Fundamentals Qualification Exam


BS5839-1 Fundamentals Qualification Exam


Additionally, if you are new to the industry or you are unsure if your knowledge gained within the fire industry is sufficient to succeed in the FIA Fire Detection and Alarm Qualifications, consider attending the Access FD&A course prior to taking FD&A Qualifications. This course gives a basic introduction to FD&A Systems technology and legislation.

Available Pre-Learning and Exam Preparation Material

Conversion to FD&A

Conversion pre-learning book

Advised pre-learning for the conversion course should include reviewing your Foundation work book.

We would also advise watching the videos under Foundation, Advanced Installer, Advanced Commissioner, Advanced Maintainer, Advanced Designer part 1 and part 4 below along with reading the False Alarm Calculations under Advanced Maintainer section.


Learner Manual Legislation & Contracts Section to download

Fire Safety Law
Fire Science
Third Party Certification
Passive Fire Protection
Fire Detection & Alarms (Part 1)
Fire Detection & Alarms (Part 2)
Fire Detection & Alarms (Part 3)
Fire Detection & Alarms (Part 4)
FD&A Revision Session


Practice exam questions>

We offer also  Access to Foundation course

Health & Safety
Preparation & Revision Guide and website



Fact File 36 Environmental Guidance Legislative Overview
Fact File 29 The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE)
F-Gas Guidance IS-23 Training and Certification FPS



Advanced Installer

Installer pre-learning (Part 1)
Installer pre-learning (Part 2)
Installer pre-learning (Part 3)
Installer pre-learning (Part 4)
Installer pre-learning (Part 5)


Practice exam questions>>

Advanced Designer
Design pre-learning (Part 1) - Categories
Design pre-learning (Part 2) - BS 7974 - BS 9991 - BS 9999
Design pre-learning (Part 3) - EN 54-13 - BS 7273-4
Design pre-learning (Part 4) - Audible Visual Tactile



Full Design practice exam»

Short practice exam»


Advanced Maintainer
Advanced Maintainer pre-learning Video

False alarm calculations and MCP’s



Practice exam questions>>

Advanced Commissioner
Advanced Commissioning (Part 1)
Advanced Commissioning (Part 2)
Advanced Commissioning (Part 3)
Advanced Commissioning (Part 4)
Advanced Commissioning (Part 5)