FIA Fact File 89

28 August 2020

FIA just published UNECE Regulation 107 Fact File. This document has been prepared to provide guidance of those charged with the purchasing, designing, installing, testing, inspecting, approving, operating, or maintaining a type-approved system that is capable of automatically detecting and suppressing fire within the engine compartment relating to the regulation. Whilst the UNECE Regulation 107 is required for both automatic detection and suppression it should be noted that the detection part of the fire suppression system is not tested, validated or approved in any way within the regulation.

This FIA Fact File is intended to provide an overview including links to key reference material for the fitment of fire suppression systems in vehicles (predominately featuring Buses & Coaches) directly related to the UNECE Regulation 107. It is a collation of technical and legislative facts by the FIA.