April 1919

On 3rd April 1919, British Engineering Standards Association (soon to become BSI) met, considered the issue of a standard specification for a chemical (soda-acid) fire-extinguisher, organised a conference and asked our Association to offer four members to serve on the committee. Together with our Secretary three manufacturers were chosen to represent the various types; Minimax conical, Premier cylindrical and Walker Perfection the turnover type. By early 1920 there was a draft specification for a standard extinguisher. We proposed to appoint a consulting chemist if necessary, and for our members to be involved and to find by experiment the correct proportions of acid and bu-carbonate for charges.
The FIA are involved with over 50 standards committee’s and have a structure of working groups that mirror most of them so that we can discuss the issues and work on an FIA position. Tracking and contributing to the National (British Standards - BSI), European (European Norms (EN) – CEN/CENELEC) and International (ISO) standards, is a key function of the trade association.