New data

26 November 2019

Figures released by Eaton have shown that more than one in four universities have have received complaints from students, staff or the public in the last five years regarding fire safety or building evacuation procedures. 

According to the information, many universities are abiding by the minimum standards required by regulation and are not aware of, or investing in, existing technology which can improve safety standards for their students and staff.

Interesting figures showed that: 

  • 92% of respondents do not have adaptive evacuation signage in place
  • 63% do not have  Arc Fault Detection Devices (AFDDs) in place
  • Only 16% plan to make a change in the next three years. 

Marc Gaunt, segment marketing manager at Eaton, said, "The changing nature of risk in today’s buildings means there are a wide range of reasons for evacuation.

"It’s important university management and facilities managers are constantly re-evaluating the evacuation procedures and newest technologies to help protect students and faculty.

"This means knowing where the risk is located and not falling back on a ‘stay put’ strategy."

The data was obtained through a Freedom of Information (FoI) request, issued to 134 universities across the UK. There were 76 responses.

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