13 October 2021

Brand new for 2021! A new course on the latest revision of BS 5839-9. Come and listen to Neil Budd talk about it, with the usual interesting anecdotes. Oh, and grab yourself some CPD hours too.

What’s new about BS 5839-9:2021?

This revision updates and replaces BS 5839-9:2011. Emergency voice communication systems can be used for different applications, such as communicating with people in refuges, communicating with fire wardens, fire marshals and firefighters in firefighting lobbies and communicating with stewards at sporting events.

Who is this course for?

  • Those responsible for designing, installing, maintaining, and operating an EVC system
  • Anyone responsible for evacuating buildings
  • Facilities and building managers, and building control officers

To book the course and find more information about it follow the link below