31 March 2022

The FIA has just published Code of Practice for Indirect Fire Extinguishing (IFE) Pre-Engineered Systems for Unoccupied Cabinet / Enclosure Protection. This document details the general considerations for the correct specification of pre-engineered IFE Systems for the protection of Unoccupiable Cabinets / Enclosures of Gross volume up to 20m³. Such Cabinets / Enclosures may be single or multi-compartment and may include free vent areas or airflow.

In the absence of any existing and relevant standards, the objective of this Code of Practice (C.O.P) is to identify all the essential elements of a process, that will enable an IFE system to be correctly assessed, specified, designed, manufactured, and supplied, where the protected risk is an Unoccupiable Cabinet / Enclosure. By following the requirements of the C.O.P,
this will ensure the IFE System meets the responsible person’s requirements, whilst also confirming the basis on which the fire extinguishing system design and performance has been established.