Fire service ‘delighted’ with decision

10 March 2017

Residents of the Selwood Housing homes in Wiltshire are claiming a victory after the housing association backed down on proposals to remove sprinkler systems at some of the properties.

Tenants argued their safety was being put at risk when they were told the sprinklers in their properties would be removed, but the association said they were too expensive to maintain, and the money would be better off spent building new homes.

Now, after consulting with the Residential Sprinkler Association and Dorset & Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service, the association have announced they sprinkler system will stay, reports ITV.

Barry Hughes, Chief Executive at Selwood Housing, said: “All three parties have worked hard together to establish an innovative use of modern technology which is cost effective and provides better warning for residents in case of fire.

“We have also managed to rationalise the servicing agreement using a new maintenance programme of contractors and our own trained staff to come up with a solution to keep the sprinklers for the same cost as decommissioning them.”

Dorset & Wiltshire Fire and Rescue said they were delighted with the decision, while Nigel Chandler, the Chair of the Residential Sprinkler Association said he was pleased to help Selwood find a cost effective solution.

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