The European Chemical Agency Committee for Socio-economic Analysis (SEAC) recently published its opinion on the propose European REACH restriction on Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs) in firefighting foams (March 15th) and sought comments on this opinion (deadline for response May 15th)

22 May 2023

FIA along with other partners (Euralarm/ATAC) worked to provide a reasoned response to the questions asked, particularly in relation to firefighting foams used to fight fires on offshore facilities. In the response SEAC were asked to consider offshore in the same light as Seveso sites (large chemical facilities) and allow them 10 years to further develop alternatives so that the provide the same level of protection to life and property as the firefighting foams covered by the proposal. Evidence in support of the use in defence and marine applications was also provided.

FIA is committed to the protection of the environment whilst ensuring the highest standards of fire protection for everyone.