...and this is what they said.

11 February 2019 by FIA Team, FIA Team

We asked three candidates taking our Foundation Course to give the inside scoop on doing the course.

The Foundation Course is the first unit of the qualification pathway offered by the FIA, where technicians can become qualified to install, maintain, commission, or design fire alarm systems.

Here’s what three candidates had to say about the course…

Travers Bean – Managing Director of Capital Fire Protection

“The course was very informative, and it was easy to pick up the information.  It was very well explained by the trainer.  Martin Claydon is one of the best trainers we’ve had in all the courses I’ve done. 

“In particular the mock exam helped to hone your exam technique, and made me realise how important it is to read the question twice to pick up the key pieces of information in the question.  I felt very focused and well-prepared for the exam.

“The most valuable thing I have learnt is to recognise the importance of getting fire protection right, and to know the devastating effect it can have on people in both the safety sense and the legal repercussions sense.

“All in all, everything in the Foundation Course has been very valuable.  It will enable us to move forward in a more professional manner.”


Ben Haies – Senior Engineer at Fireserv

“The Foundation Course was very informative.  I watched most of the pre-learning videos and I have a better understanding of the standards now.  It was interesting to know about the legislation side of things when it comes to fire protection as I didn’t know that before.”


Ian Vaughn – Engineer at Crawford Vern Security

“This was my first ever course so I learnt quite a bit.  The information provided has been useful.

“The pre-learning materials were very helpful, especially the revision session video which I watched before coming.  

“The course is a little bit intense but Martin, the Trainer, was very helpful – his questions were in-depth and helped me to get a better understanding of the standards.

“Overall, I’d recommend the course even though it is expensive.  If you want to get into the field then the FIA course is the course you need to do as it’s industry recognised.  So yes, I’d definitely recommend it.”


The Foundation course enrolment is available on the FIA website.

Following this unit, candidates go on to study a specialist unit, such as the Advanced Maintainer, or the Advanced Installer, as well as units in Health & Safety and Environmental guidance.