Essential reading and technical advice from the past 12 months

19 December 2018 by Robert Thilthorpe, FIA Technical Manager

Reliable technical advice can sometimes be hard to come by – but thankfully the FIA has been hard at work making sure this is, in fact, not the case.  We have worked tirelessly throughout 2018 to produce a wide range of technical documents and articles to provide you with the facts and information you need in order to carry out your work with precision and accuracy to the Standards.

We have seven different councils and countless more working groups who decide topics for technical documents to cover – ranging widely from portable fire extinguishing to fire detection and alarm equipment and more. 

Over 2018 our Councils have produced 17 technical documents.  Use these to help you to get a better understanding of BS 7273, BS 5306, Class F fires, and fire detector testing (and more).  There really is something for all areas of the fire protection industry – so take your pick from our roundup below and download the ones you need – free of charge.


Technical Documents of 2018

Below you will find a list of the documents we produced in chronological order, along with a short excerpt from the introduction or scope of the document, so that you can easily see whether the document is for you.

Download them now:


FIA Guidance on Fire Alarm Detector Applications and Documentation of the Selection

This document is intended to assist with the task of selecting and clearly recording the type, sensitivity and settings selected for all detectors, including multi-sensor detectors, relating to the perceived risks.


FIA Guidance - FIA Position on BS 5306-9;2015, 'Verified Alternatives'.pdf

With regard to verified alternative spares, BS 5306-9 states that a declaration of conformity must be provided by the manufacturer and/or supplier, of any verified alternative component or medium, when they are to be used instead of the manufacturers’ originals. This document provides guidance on this subject.


FIA Fact File 50 - Update on BS 7273-4: 2015

BS 7273-4:2015 supersedes BS 7273-4:2007, which is now withdrawn.  This document provides a summary of the changes.


FIA Application Guidance on BS 7273-4:2015

This FIA application guidance provides information to help understand BS 7273-4:2015. This must be read in conjunction with the Standard which takes precedence.


FIA Guidance Document on Best Practice for Fire Detector Testing/Test Equipment

The guidance in this document covers the field testing of point fire detectors only, i.e. heat, smoke, combustion gas (egg CO) and multi-sensor detectors.


FIA Guidance - Interface between firefighting systems and other systems in commercial kitchens.pdf

To provide guidance to cover the interface between fire protection systems in commercial catering operations and other systems (i.e. fire alarm systems, gas interlock systems, building management systems etc). This guidance enables manufacturers and installers of fire protection systems, suppliers of catering equipment, other contractors, and the end user, as well as other interested parties such as insurers, to understand the need for interfaces with other systems to be made, and for the consideration of other fire-fighting measures such as portable extinguishers.


FIA Guidance - EU Construction Products Regulation (CPR) 305 2011.pdf

The purpose of this document is to provide guidance on the requirements and implications of the implementation of the Construction Products Regulation 305/2011 EU. This document contains factual information but also provides FIA views and recommendations intended to reduce any confusion in the market. This information is provided for the benefit of FIA members and those involved in the manufacture, supply, installation and maintenance of fire detection and fire alarm equipment.

FIA Fact File 79 - Class F Fires.pdf

This Fact File has been created to help understand what Class F fires are, why a specific standard was introduced, and how to choose and install the correct Class F fire extinguisher.

FIA Fact File 81 - Fire Extinguishers and Electrical Risks.pdf

This Fact File is intended to give information on references relating to fire extinguishers on electrical risks in standards.


FIA Environmental Guidance - Powder Fire Extinguisher Disposal.pdf

This FIA guide is intended to give advice on the environmental issues relating to firefighting powder, with particular reference to fire extinguishers. It covers the applicable legislation, how to handle the extinguishers/powder at the customer’s site and looks at the available options for collection and disposal.            

FIA Fact File 78 - Portable Fire Extinguishers under the ADR.pdf

The European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR) refers to portable fire extinguishers in two ways:

A. As an article for transport to which the provisions of the ADR apply, and

B. As safety equipment required to be carried by vehicles transporting dangerous goods.

This Fact File provides guidance on both areas.


Pipe cleanliness and the requirements for dirt traps Guidance Note

If there is any debris or particles present in the Fixed Gaseous Fire Extinguishing Systems pipework, it will be pushed through the pipework on system discharge and can collect in the nozzles at the end of each pipe run. This can lead to possible blockage of the nozzle(s) and consequentially adversely affect the uniform achievement of the correct extinguishant concentration.  This document provides guidance on this topic.


Guidance Document on Room Integrity Testing

This FIA guidance paper provides guidance and understanding on what is tested, how this is done and how to improve the outcome and achieve an acceptable result in relation to the door fan test.


Guidance Document on Pipe testing for watermist systems

This document clarifies the requirements for the commissioning tests which should be undertaken on water mist systems designed and installed in accordance with BS 8489-1 2016.


Other information produced in 2018

2018 produced other useful information, aside from technical documents.  See below for the list:


BREXIT Fire Sector Summit PPOPE Oct 2018 v3.pdf

Find out what effect Brexit will have on the sector in this PowerPoint presentation.


FIA Annual Report 2018.pdf

Find out what the FIA has achieved in 2017-2018.


FIA Market Condition Review WAVE 10 final version.pdf

Find out about the current conditions of the fire protection market.


Is there a skills crisis in the fire industry? - Survey results and report 2018

Find out what the fire protection industry is saying.


Guide to attaching the Fire Safety for Business Video to own website.pdf

A video for members to promote their services is available.  Find out how to use it on your own website in this document.


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