31 October 2012 by Guest Blogger,

With the party season fast approaching I thought I’d share this smart animation, ‘Don’t Drink and Fry’, by Sprue Safety Products (FireAngel). Produced in partnership with London Fire Brigade, this short fire safety film was recently given a special Community Recognition Award at this year’s Blackrock Film Festival in Dublin for its valuable contribution to society.

Featuring the heroic efforts of a pet dog called ‘Flee’, the story is one of a series of short films produced in association with London Fire Brigade to spread vital life-saving fire safety messages online. An engaging use of digital media to reach and share content with the public!

‘Don’t Drink and Fry’ warns of the dangers of leaving cooking unattended and of cooking after a night out. The message of the film is; if you’re hungry after a night on the town, it might be safer to grab a takeaway rather than try to cook when you get in.

With over 50% of all fires in the home being caused by cooking accidents, often after a few drinks, the film highlights the lifesaving benefit of having a working smoke alarm. The film shows Flee relentlessly trying to avoid a fire as his owner fumbles around the kitchen - turning off the toaster and cooker after his owner leaves a pan on the stove and falls asleep in the next room.

Fortunately the smoke alarm sounds and both escape!