13 February 2013 by ,

After a long drive up the motorway last week, I attended the plush venue at Cheshire Fire and Rescue, Winsford, for an FIA  Means of Escape continued professional development day for Fire Risk Assessors.

The event was well attended by a mix of fire safety professionals including enforcement offices, risk assessment specialists and fire safety equipment maintenance and supply executives. A perfect networking opportunity for everyone!

The day was planned around Means of Escape issues and covered a range of topics, from smoke control, ventilation, fire curtain protection, to emergency lighting and low proximity photoluminescent escape systems. So much to cover in so little time!

The theme throughout the presentations was standards - bench marking and conformance to best practice.

The best presentation in my opinion was given by Mike Ward of Coopers Fire, a polished presentation that would give anyone confidence that they know what they are talking about and their systems have provenance and tested performance.

A close second will go to Paul Compton from Colt International who engaged the audience with the behaviour of smoke when engineered correctly by a ventilation system, paying particular attention to both intake and exhaust. Colt International obviously has stature, pedigree and experience in the science of air movement.

The final hurdle before home time was the issue of emergency lighting and photoluminescent escape lighting in accordance with ISO 16069 Safety Wayguidance Systems. All in all, a very worthwhile day!