Dame Judith Hackitt suggests more house builders could be failing to meet fire safety measures

16 January 2020

Last month, we reported on QC Barwise's scathing report on Persimmon's properties falling well below expected standards due to poor workmanship and inadequate fire prevention measures.

Dame Judith Hackitt, the well known and respected author of Independent Review of Building Regulations and Fire Safety, has weighed in on QC Stephanie Barwise's report into Persimmon by saying that it would be surprising if it was only Persimmon's properties who have failed to meet fire safety measures.

Whilst Dame Judith Hackitt believes it was sensible for Persimmon to appoint Arup as a consultant to assess whether they had complied with fire safety requirements and hopes that it prompts other big housebuilders to do the same. Hackitt continued on to say that now is the time for big organisations to take a proactive decision to operate with more moral responsibility; However, Hackitt does give credit for the progress that has been made but suggests that it has still been too slow.

Although, it appears that Hackitt appears to suggest that businesses have a choice between self-regulating themselves, like Persimmon, or alternatively face regulation by the Government in the not so distant future.