Uncover the crucial updates in the Fire Industry Association (FIA) fact file for the 2023 revision of BS 5306-8, focusing on provisions for extinguishing fires involving electrical equipment. Delve into the intricacies of new clauses, ensuring optimal placement of extinguishers and safeguarding against potential electrocution risks.

24 April 2024

BS 5306-8 was revised in 2023. One area thoroughly reviewed was the provision of extinguishers for electrical fires.  This fact file shows the similarities and differences between the text in the withdrawn 2012 version and the new/current 2023 version.

Two key messages are unaltered i.e. to use non-conductive extinguishing media on these fires; and that electrical equipment needs to be switched off before any extinguisher is discharged onto it.

New clauses describe: how extinguishers can be better placed to protect electrical equipment; and warns that, because equipment can remain live even when it appears to be switched off, use of conductive media could result in electrocution.

Commentary has been used throughout to describe: the properties of each of the mediums found in extinguishers; increasing number of fires involving electrical equipment; and Health and Safety Executive (HSE) regulation/guidance on electrical shock injuries.


Download the fact file here.

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