A rental housing operator has been instructed to contribute £18 million for essential safety works, including addressing flammable-style cladding, at the former Olympic Village. The legal ruling aims to resolve a prolonged dispute over responsibility and brings relief to homeowners in the East Village, Stratford.

Serious concerns regarding fire safety surfaced in November 2020 at the East Village in Stratford, formerly the Olympic Village. Five blocks were identified with significant fire safety defects related to flammable-style cladding, leading to a prolonged period of uncertainty for residents, according to court documents.

The property management company, Triathlon Homes, initiated legal action against Stratford Village Development Partnership (SVDP) and its parent company, Get Living, in 2022. The dispute revolved around determining who should bear the costs of rectifying the safety defects, which included combustible insulation and combustible timber decking.

In a decisive ruling on Friday, developers and freeholders were directed to cover the expenses of safety works, watch patrols, and fire evacuation officers. This verdict places an £18 million financial obligation on Get Living, the housing association responsible for the former Olympic Village, to fund the necessary building safety measures. The anticipated completion date for these essential works is set for August 2025.

Triathlon Homes' Managing Director, Kath King, expressed satisfaction with the decision, stating that it brings an end to the delays that have adversely affected residents. The East Village, transformed into 2,818 homes post the 2012 games, faced challenges as an independent investigation revealed structural inadequacies requiring over £24.5 million worth of remedial work.

Work on addressing the cladding issue commenced in April 2023, with plans to replace exterior cladding across all five blocks expected to start by February 2024. Despite acknowledging the extended timeline for completion, which is anticipated by August 2025, King emphasised the importance of the funding certainty in providing relief for leaseholders affected by the building defects.

Responding to the ruling, Get Living affirmed its commitment to resolving the issue, emphasising ongoing efforts to rectify problems it did not create. The company expressed disappointment with the Tribunal's decision, stating it was not involved in design or construction decisions, nor responsible for retrofitting the Athletes’ accommodation post the 2012 Olympic Games. Notwithstanding, an independent fire assessor confirmed the safety of all homes in East Village.

As the remediation works progress, the decision sets a precedent for addressing similar concerns in the wider East Village community, bringing hope for a resolution to the challenges faced by residents and the completion of essential safety measures.

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