Help us to help you! Send photos of both good and bad examples of the systems that you see on a day-to-day basis to our technical team who can provide individual feedback to you, use the examples anonymously in our training to help raise the bar and much more.

To be clear, our focus here is not on the products themselves but on how the systems are being installed and maintained. We want to use relevant examples to help educate those in the fire industry.

Our training and ability to raise the bar are only as good as our ability to stay in touch with the very latest practices in the fire industry. Through receiving and anonymously using the examples that you send to us allows our industry-recognised technical team to:

  • Create tailored training and CPD’s to correct common mistakes that can be found by analysing your examples.
  • Provide our training courses with up-to-date examples that significantly aid our learner’s experience.
  • Give one to one feedback to the sender about the example that they have sent in.
  • Showcase what a great example looks like so that other may learn.


To make sure that this new feature is used to raise the bar and isn’t misused to discredit others in the fire industry, it is crucial to have stringent checks and balances in place.

  • By sending us your image you are confirming that you have the permission to use and share that image and we are able to use it for anonymous marketing and training purposes.
  • We will never post any information about the source of the image or the sender of the image and will only use the image itself as an example.
  • All company logos and names will be concealed.
  • At any point in time the image can be withdrawn from use from the sender and other requests will be taken into account.
  • The use of images will be at our technical team’s discretion

How to send an example.

1) Send an email to [email protected]

2) In the Subject, please include a brief description of the example. Please use keywords such as “call point”, “trunking”, and “cables”

3) Please include any questions/comments that you have regarding the example and our technical team can offer bespoke advice

4) Don’t forget to attach an image (s)

We are not legally responsible for the taking of the photos and through you sending them to us you are granting us permission to share them