Don’t Just Specify! Verify focuses on the importance of UKAS Accredited Third Party Certification.

10 June 2020

The campaign, Don’t Just Specify, Verify!, launched by the BAFE Fire Safety Register earlier this year was established to create greater awareness of Third Party Certification in the fire safety sector. It is important that all premises management (i.e. the Responsible Person/Duty Holder) understand quality regulation is present in the fire safety industry through UKAS Accredited Third Party Certification and specify these appropriate providers.

This should always be followed up with verifying their certification which is a quick action to ensure they have been assessed and deemed competent to deliver the specific service required.

Matt Gantley, CEO - UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service) says: “UKAS is delighted to see this important initiative from BAFE and we offer it our full support. Accredited third-party certification of fire safety services is an essential element of fulfilling statutory obligations. UKAS is the only Accreditation Body recognised by the UK Government and BAFE have always shown great commitment to meeting this “gold standard”.

Stephen Adams, Chief Executive – BAFE, commented: “It is excellent to report UKAS’ support for the ‘Don’t Just Specify, Verify!’ campaign. This campaign is to benefit all UKAS Accredited Third Party Certification in the fire safety industry, not just BAFE, as we feel evidential competence is the key issue here for life safety. The wider public needs to be aware of these options to be confident they are using competent providers. This can reassure them an appropriate provider is being used, especially at this time when so many businesses are planning to get back to work and need to review their fire safety protection.”

Further information on Third Party Certification and BAFE’s Don’t Just Specify, Verify! campaign can be found Here>>