Tourist hotel concerns

26 October 2018

Ex-fire safety officer Alan Cox left a TripAdvisor review in August mentioning the concerns he has about the ‘poor’ fire safety at the Ravenstone Manor Hotel in Cumbria.

The review was initially removed from the website, though, with TripAdvisor stating that reviews needed to be ‘travel-related.’ It has now been reinstated and Mr Cox has received an apology from a representative.

Concerns for the building included a ‘silenced’ fire alarm, which resulted in communal areas being checked but not bedrooms, and a fire exit door blocked by overgrown plants. Mr Cox also mentioned windows along a key escape route were made from normal rather than fire-resistant glass.

Mr Cox outlines in his review that he spoke with the owner about the problems but he initially showed ‘very little interest’.

Due to his notification, Cumbria Fire and Rescue Service visited Ravenstone Manor and issued an enforcement notice making "a number of recommendations". The manager of the hotel claims most have now been addressed.

The travel website has admitted it made a mistake. A spokeswoman for TripAdvisor added: "We considers traveller safety to be an extremely important issue and, as such, welcome first-hand reviews that alert travellers to any safety issues."

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