An unattended toaster caused a kitchen fire and working smoke alarms raised the awareness of nearby family members to call 999.

23 April 2021

Northamptonshire firefighters warning after burning toast destroys kitchen. Investigators find jammed bread started a fire which spread to cupboards

Shocked Northamptonshire firefighters have delivered a stern warning after seeing a slice of toast destroy a kitchen.

Investigators into a recent blaze confirmed a thick slice of hand-cut bread got stuck, causing a toaster to jam in the 'on' position.

The burning bread eventually caught fire, setting light to kitchen cupboards above the toaster and leading to a blaze which caused thousands of pounds worth of damage.


Working smoke alarms prevented the fire from spreading to the rest of the property, allowing the occupants to call 999 and escape without injury.

This story serves as a timely reminder for all those to test their own fire alarms as they are crucial to saving lives.

Having working smoke alarms in your home can double your chances of survival if a fire occurs. Be safe, be aware, be protected.

  • Install smoke alarms throughout your home.
  • Test them monthly.
  • Replace batteries when you change the ones on your clocks.
  • Never disable alarms or take out the batteries while cooking.
  • Remember Smoke detectors have a life span of around ten years and must be changed

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