234 care homes and 80 flat blocks unsatisfactory

08 October 2019

A Fire and Rescue Service carried out over 1500 fire safety audits, finding that 72% of buildings in the area were unsatisfactory.

Of the unsatisfactory buildings, there were 234 care homes, 80 pubs and bars, 13 hospitals, 12 schools and 80 blocks of flats. 

In the audits, fire crews identified 1,068 instances where those responsible for fire safety at a premise had failed to take general fire precautions and 335 instances where they hadn’t ensured that emergency routes and exits were being kept clear at all times.

Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service issued 1,010 informal notifications in 2018/19, 161 formal notifications, 145 enforcement notices, nine prohibition notices and six alteration notices.

The number of unsatisfactory buildings in Lancashire is significantly higher than the rest of the UK (33%), according to the report. 

A spokesperson for Lancashire Fire & Rescue Service: “Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service protection staff work on a risk based approach.

"The figures released yesterday by the Home Office show that our targeting is working well with 72% of the premises we audit, failing to meet the fire safety standards."

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