On behalf of the Fire Industry Association staff, its members and the wider fire safety industry, we mourn the passing yesterday evening of Queen Elizabeth II at Balmoral Castle who died at the age of 96 after a remarkable seven decades of public service.

09 September 2022

As well as a deep loss for members of the Royal Family, the nation and many throughout the world share in their grief. Our Queen was an integral part of the country and its institutions and created a special relationship with us all based on her unstinting service and devotion to our nation. She was in addition the head of state of 15 other countries once part of the British empire, and for many years head of the Commonwealth of 54 countries comprising a third of the world’s population.

The love that the Queen clearly had for the country and its people was returned by her subjects and we join those around the globe in uniting in mourning but also celebrating her outstanding life and achievements as our monarch.  

Within the fire safety community, there are many that had the pleasure of meeting the Queen during her reign and indeed some that were honoured by her. The FIA's long-standing tradition of proposing a formal toast to the Queen was made at our Annual Lunch last year and this November we will propose a toast to her memory as well as to our new head of state, King Charles III.