Ensuring the reliability and longevity of a fire system is of the utmost importance, and choosing high-quality devices and components is crucial. From design to integration, it is essential to collaborate with trustworthy manufacturers. The power supply is a critical component, as the entire fire system relies on it.

Elmdene's EN54-4 STX range is backed by a lifetime warranty, demonstrating a commitment to performance and reliability. Designed in the UK with the highest quality components, Elmdene PSUs provide assurance and peace of mind for critical systems.

Knowing what to look for when selecting a good quality EN54-4 power supply is essential.


EN54 certification is mandatory for fire detection and alarm system standards, and EN54-4 refers to compliant power supply equipment for those systems. Third-party testing is necessary to validate the product through objective and rigorous testing according to the approval standards.


Are they high-quality? The trade-off in selecting lower-cost PSUs can mean a compromise in the quality of components, which can significantly affect the PSU's lifespan and reliability.


Has the PSU been tested to withstand the environmental conditions it will be installed in? If the longevity of a PSU isn't clearly defined by ambitious temperature ranges, make sure to ask your manufacturing partner questions surrounding capacitors and Field Effect Transistors (FETs)!


Is it big enough to house the PSU? Is it robust? Will it protect the PSU from the environment?

The enclosure should be fit-for-purpose and designed to cater to many integration possibilities. Good quality and well-designed enclosures will keep the PSU system secure.


Will the PSU remain cool enough during operation? Reputable manufacturers will ensure that the PSU enclosure facilitates life-extending airflow.  

Choosing poor-quality PSUs could result in the ultimate danger of fire, which we know can have catastrophic consequences. Using lower-quality PSUs for your fire safety system could put the safety of individuals at risk, jeopardize property, harm your reputation, and result in expensive repairs and potential legal liabilities due to inadequate service.

Elmdene's STX range of EN54-4 approved power supplies offer intelligent battery charging and monitoring with remote fault signalling, providing assurance for fire system installations. With power solutions used in 45 countries, Elmdene is a trusted brand of power supply units for fire systems.

Install Elmdene products with confidence. "Our aim is simple: to provide customers with high quality and innovative products backed by first-class and ongoing support whenever our customers need it."

To discover more about Elmdene, or any of its product ranges, contact their team of experts, who will be happy to discuss finding an ideal solution for your unique needs.

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With the best practices for Fire system power supply selection in mind, use this PSU Selector tool to easily find the perfect solution to your system specification.

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