The FIA's 'easily accessible' online CPD sessions continue to provide 'very helpful and informative' sessions' with '97% of delegates saying that the training meets their needs well to extremely well'

01 May 2020

Throughout April and into the foreseeable future the FIA will continue providing it's industry-leading online CPD sessions across the breadth of the fire industry with '99% of delegates saying that the training meets their needs well to extremely well and 98% are satisfied or very satisfied with the CPD content.

Hundreds of enthusiastic delegates took part in the FIA’s second industry-recognised online CPD day. The fire industry has adapted incredibly well to the impacts of COVID-19 and it has not hindered individuals improving their skill sets and level of competency.

Here is what Chris Tilley the FIA Membership Manager had to say:

“We have been really pleased to see the level of engagement with the new portfolio of CPD material we have launched recently with good booking numbers.  The feedback from delegates has been overwhelmingly positive regarding content, delivery and the knowledge of instructors.  Just as well as we have more planned for next month with repeats in case you have missed out and some new topics.  Proud to be able to continue to educate the industry in this tough period.”

Using the latest technology to provide the highest quality of remote training, we offer an online training solution that facilitates learner interaction with our industry-leading trainers to provide an experience that is as close to a classroom as possible. During our first online CPD presentation today, delegates proved keen to interact and engage with both the trainers which really brought the session to life; we will post these Q&A on our next edition of FOCUS.

The importance of fire safety has not changed despite the COVID-19 pandemic and the FIA needs to continue providing fire safety personnel with access to learning and development opportunities. Our comprehensive portfolio of online qualifications, now available, serves as a great opportunity to improve your knowledge and skills and prove their level of competency with Nationally recognised qualifications.

We strongly recommend employers to consider the opportunity of turning this difficult and uncertain time into something positive by choosing to improve their workforces’ skill set through our online training making good use of their time while working remotely. Whilst the environment has temporarily shifted online, our training remains at the same level of excellence.


What did the delegates have to say? 

We have strived to capture our members and the industries feedback on our new online training so that we can adapt and tailor it to suit your needs and wants. We encourage delegates using the feedback form at the end of the session to leave your thoughts. Thank you for leaving your thoughts on what went well and ideas for improving our online training, we will endeavour to listen and improve in line with the feedback provided - unfortunately we are not able to provide sandwiches with our online training. Moving forward we will aim to communicate our plans for evolving our online training with you as we go.

An Introduction to compliant Emergency Lighting (BS5266 / EN1838) 

  1. Very helpful and informative (refresher) training session for me, many thanks to Ian. Thank you FIA for providing easy to access training too!
  2. A very knowledgeable presenter who imparted the information in an easy to understand way.
  3. Thanks for the information, very informative.

General Standards Update Day

  1. "Easy to read and follow slide content, good graphics and delivery by the presenters."
  2. "The presentation slide was very informative and the speaker knew his subject well. The question and answers helped clarify some points. Overall very good."
  3. "The presentations were to the point for the BS standards covered today. Very informative and presenters covered all questions to a good depth. An efficient use of time to keep on top of changes in the fire industry."
  4. "Very informative and the Q&A worked very well. I have done quite a few FIA courses in the past and time taken to travel has been an issue so feel this is the way forward"
  5. "Brilliant CPD session from the FIA on the updates to BS5839-6, BS8629, BS9997, and BS7273-6 this morning. Well worth doing and a welcome change to what's fast becoming a very different and quiet way of working."



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