New research published by BRE and FIA

21 June 2019

Joint research from RE Global and the Fire Industry Association (FIA) has been released, looking into the development of test methods to assess video flame and video smoke detectors. 

It identifies suitable bench tests and operational performance tests for testing video flame detectors (VFD) and video smoke detectors (VSD)

"This research has identified the repeatable methods to test VFD and VSD that can support the development of a product test standard and related codes of practice", said the BRE Group. 

Using the principles from existing fire detection standards, tests were developed to assess the capabilities of these detectors when performed on the bench and in open spaces to test real fires.

Document conclusions state, "A key finding is that to produce a comprehensive test standard for video fire detectors, a test standard should be developed together with an associated CoP to ensure that the systems are sufficiently tested and are fit for purpose."

You can download and share the briefing paper, which summarises the findings of three collaborative studies performed on these technologies, by following this link.