It's Register My Appliance Week, ensure the safety of your home by officially registering your electrical gadgets. Discover how this simple step can protect you from potential dangers and keep you informed about recalls. Don't miss out on securing your appliances.

23 January 2024

In the modern household, usually filled with a range of electronic devices, it's easy to overlook a crucial step – registering your appliances. According to AMDEA UK, a staggering 40 million large appliances in use across UK homes are not registered with manufacturers. This oversight can lead to serious consequences, as consumers might remain unaware of safety recalls for their devices.

Registering your electrical products establishes a crucial link between you and the manufacturer. In the event of a fault, safety concern, or a complete recall, manufacturers can promptly contact you. Everyday items such as chargers, hair dryers, straighteners, kettles, irons, and toasters are frequently subject to recalls, yet a significant number of them go unregistered, leaving users vulnerable to electrical shocks, fires, or worse.

This Register my Appliance Week serves as a timely reminder for homeowners to review and register all their electrical items, particularly the new gadgets acquired during the festive season. Even if you missed registering older products, it's not too late to take action.

How to register:

Registering your appliances is a straightforward process. Most products come with paperwork explaining how to register, along with instructions on operation and maintenance. In case you've misplaced the paperwork, you can still register your appliance. Gather the brand name, model, serial number, and the approximate date of purchase, and you're ready to go.

The AMDEA’s Register My Appliance portal offers a convenient online solution, granting access to registration for over 70 leading brands, including both new and older appliances. Alternatively, The Electrical Safety Council provides information on electrical product recalls dating back to 2007. Regularly check for recalls to ensure the safety of your home.

Prioritise the safety of your household by taking a few minutes to register your appliances. This small yet significant step can make a substantial difference to safeguarding your home from potential hazards.

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