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28 June 2022

As a fire safety company, you’ll likely face challenges as you start to take on more work. The good news is that with every challenge comes triumph and progress towards growing your business.

Like many fire safety companies, you might start out running your daily operations with paper and pen, whiteboards, or spreadsheets. While this will suffice while you’re still small and starting out, it’s crucial to think about how well those manual processes will sustain you as you start to grow. Here’s a hint: They won’t.

In order to scale to new heights, you’ll need to cut down on inefficiencies and work smarter, not harder. The key to this is using a good digital tool that supports all of your work functions and allows you to manage everything in one central place. Job management software is a perfect solution to managing all of the moving parts of your business. Check out how it can help with inventory management, scheduling and maintenance planning.

Inventory Management

Import supplier inventories and quickly group items together so that you can assign materials to jobs with just the click of a button. Managing stock digitally also makes it easy for you to understand the cost implications.

See if you’re sitting on unused inventory, and as a result, avoid overspending by unnecessarily ordering parts you already have in stock. You can even set up alerts to let you know when specific stock levels are low.

Scheduling and Dispatch

Schedule and dispatch field staff from a single dashboard so the right technician is sent to the right job every time. Designate specific technicians for calls in particular areas or dispatch based on the technician's expertise with certain assets, customers, or types of jobs.

Invoicing and Payment

Auto-populate invoices and avoid doubling your work every time you invoice a new customer. Some software tools even give technicians the power to create and send on-site invoices. Your staff not only saves time, but you also ensure invoices are sent to customers as soon as possible, which in turn helps speed up payment.

Maintenance planning

Get ahead of visits you need to make to maintain assets in the field so that you can allocate proper staff, time and tools to complete routine maintenance. Know when you’ll have income streaming in from maintenance calls so that you can better predict revenue.

Running a fire safety company is no easy feat. However, these digital tools are designed to help your business and your employees' lives stay in the stress-free zone. Take back control and find out more about simPRO’s powerful digital tools here.